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Outdoor Labyrinth


Our outdoor labyrinth is located in a quiet corner bordered by gardens and a golf course, at the juncture of the two dorm buildings. A spiraling red brick path leads you into your spiritual journey.

Retired Duncan Center Director, Rev. Steve Fregeau and his wife, envisioned the labyrinth. Two landscape artists, Steve and Michele Brenner of St. Joseph's Episcopal Church in Boynton Beach, designed the site. Many donations made the project possible: notably St. Gregory's Episcopal
Church in Boca Raton donated over 5,500 bricks.

A brick pathway leads to an outdoor chapel located next to the labyrinth. You may choose to purchase a brick along this path to be engraved. For more information or to purchase a brick, please click here.

All are welcome to come to walk the labyrinth. We ask that you please call ahead first to check availability.

Please click on the link below to watch a video about walking the labyrinth.

 Youtube video